Summer is almost here!

A full moon is right around the corner, as well! On Tuesday night we have a beautiful full moon full moon you can get all the details by following the link. This is one of my favorite sites. There is so much information to be gleaned, here! I’ve always been interested in Astrology and Astronomy, but over the last decade I really started researching more into things like Numerology and Runes. Many of my friends started coming to me on a regular basis to have me do readings for them. That, as they say, was that! I have decided to open up my doors, and my heart, to share that light within, to others interested in exploring, with me and my friends, all the avenues available that enable us in our search for answers to who we are, and why we are here, on this planet, and at this time and place. Believe me, it’s a lot of fun, and more importantly, you will learn things about yourself, and about how you relate to others, and why! If you want to know more, leave your best contact info in the form below, and join us on our journey of discovery!



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