About Viking Runes

Most of the knowledge I’ve picked up about Runes has been acquired over the last 12 years, and has its roots in a hardbound edition by Ralph H Blum. This, and my own research, conducted, mostly online, is condensed in this archive for the purpose of providing a glossary, of sorts, for my readers. I welcome any and all suggestions, and corrections, if need be, on this information, as I have encountered variations on different aspects of this form of Divination. One thing is certain, to me, at least, Runes have roots going back to the earliest gatherings of humans. There is evidence of their existence and usage in a wide range of cultures, and over a span of several centuries. While the methodologies and specific rationalisms can be wldly divergent, one constant remains, and that is the spiritual nature that it embodies. This is a Sacred tool, used for Sacred Truths, and should be treated as such.                                                                                                  Some people like to use this tool on a daily basis, while others use them for difficult decision-making, and still others who make more formal or ceremonial occasions, as the venue for their use. Whatever your reasoning might be, is totally your choice; there is no right or wrong, and no mandatory requirements or rules. My only advice is to keep an open mind, and get in tune with your intuition, as you explore this modality of divination. With time and experience, you will come to find, that Runes seem to provide answers, that are often, mystically, so on target, as to be, Divinely inspired!                                                                                                                                                                                                   It is safe to say that the consensus amongst afficionados of Rune-play, agree that an Issue should be the focus, or focal point, of consulting the Runes, (or the Oracle, in some factions), and that an appropriate Timeline and Right Action be applied, or employed, as the end result, or remedial action, to the satisfaction of the consulting party. Be advised, this is similar to Tarot Card readings, in that the manner of enquiry be defined in more general guidelines, rather than specificities. Rather than asking when an event will occur, a more appropriate form of enquiry would be, “how”… can a particular event be precipitated, or encouraged to occur, or if there is some meaning or reason, by which you can find answers you need, and with this approach, you may be surprised, as I was, in the responses you receive, from the Oracle of the Runes.