Numerology, Tarot and More

Hi! Welcome to my Karma Korner. I’m Melorie Mystic, and I will gladly be your guide, today, and, any time I can be of assistance to you. Here, at the Karma Korner, my main purpose is to provide a platform where my readers can find answers to their questions, that they haven’t been able to find through traditional means. I have tried several different religious orders and done extensive research into various fields of Divination and Spirituality concepts. What I have discovered is a cornucopia of great wealth, in the form of self-improvement, and the building of self-esteem, confidence, and a huge family of experts in many Spiritual/religion-based psuedo-sciences and tenets. I thought that, if I had so many unanswered questions, it stood to reason that many other people were also in that same “boat”. That was when I knew that a childhood passion of mine had evolved into a tool that I had already shaped into a method that I had been using  for years to help myself and a few friends and clients to achieve some piece of mind and an intuitive, learning form or method, by which to get answers, or failing that, to find direction. That tool was Tarot. Many years have passed since I started using Tarot as a method of finding answers for my clients, and along the way I have become an accomplished Numerologist,  and I, often, also use Runes as an extra boost, as it has proven to be able to pinpoint issues that are sometimes below the surface, or beyond the periphery of a viewpoint. Be that as it may, this platform is ground zero for my search for enlightenment. I am here to help bring answers to all who come seeking; I never judge or condemn, and if all you are looking for, is an ear to listen, or a shoulder to cry on, well… I can do that too. And if you’ve come to learn more about any of the topics I offer on my blog, I’ll provide what knowledge I’ve gleaned over a lifetime of research, and point you to my resource databases. If you are interested in aquiring any of the accoutrements of any of these modalities, I make handmade/artisan-crafted novelties and gifts, and I hope to work with Amazon and offer their products on my site as well. Your wish is my command, if, as they say,”it’s in the cards”. Come join me, and together we may find some answers, and maybe, some that may be stranger, and more unfathomable, than the Great Pyramids of Egypt! Blessed Be, to all!

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