Hello, again! As promised, I am back with a summary of my day! On the one hand, I am totally spent, because, as you may know, highly intense periods of time that are fraught with emotion are more stressful on our bodies and minds and take a greater toll on our physical bodies, and deplete our energy resources much more quickly. Additionally, the stress compounded over  long stretches of time, is often followed by bouts of depression, leaving us feeling drained. So, without further ado, I am happy to report that my picks this morning were, “right on the money”, and strangely enough, it was actually somewhat fun and entertaining. The instructor was eloquent and charismatic, and kept the ten members of the class involved fully in the discussion, with much banter to relieve any feelings of discomfiture from any of us. All in all, I am glad the ordeal is over, but content with the way it turned out! If you are ever faced with a problem or issue and would be interested in consulting the Oracle;’s advice, by means of this time-honored method, you can rest assured that this is not hocus-pocus, nor psycho-babble; instead look at it as a way of allowing a Greater Power to exert a measure of control by stimulating our sub-conscious minds, thereby guiding our fingers to reveal new or alternate possibilities. Or enjoy it as an unusual form of play … Either way, that’s all for today, enjoy what’s left of your weekend, and I’ll look forward to your next visit. So mote it be.    Mellie Mystic says ‘bye!

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