New Moon (in Pisces) is Good News

This morning was already an exciting day I had been looking forward to for quite some time. Many years ago I lived in Connecticut, but had decided to move “back home”, which in my case meant Arizona, namely Tucson. The week before  I headed out I had a minor traffic ticket, which I promptly forgot about, in my rush of to-do lists, that required an appearance in traffic court. I didn’t think about it again  until last summer when I acquired a vehicle that needed to be registered, insured, etc., etc., and oh yeah; I needed a license to drive !! Today is my date with AZ Traffic Survival School! Oh, boy! This should be fun (lol)! I’ll have more on that in the next blog, but to get an opinion from The Oracle of Runes, I focused on today’s outcome,then drew my first Rune: the second of the Viking Runes symbols (see chart), Gebo was what came to my hand.                                                                                       This Rune is an indication of  some form of partnership forming or opening up. This is my overview pick; next Rune, for my challenge…oh, my… I drew Dagaz, which is from the Cycle of Initiation Runes, (more on that later), and signifies Transformation, Breakthrough and Day- a great Rune for my challenge. Taking a deep breath, I reach into the bag one last time for my Action Rune…Perth, (another Initiation Cycle Rune). Perth is an hieratic or mystery Rune, pointing to that which lies beyond the feeble powers, (of the average human), of telekinesis to discern.            So in summary, this is how my day is looking to me from this Three Rune Spread: Partnership has the specific mandate or prerequisite of trust implied, just by its very nature; therefore, my Overview is an indication of my confidence in Self and in the Divine to Trust that She/He “has my back”, and supports me on this important undertaking, which brings a great sigh of relief up out of my depths, (lol)! Followed by my  Challenge, Breakthrough, which indicates a successful outcome from my endeavor,(whew!); and the Action Rune, Perth, being on the side of Heaven, and having associations with the fabled Phoenix, which rises from the ashes of its own destruction, to soar in triumph, again!! Well, I have to admit that this sounds wonderful, to say the least, but, just to let you know how much I believe in the power of this Modality and tool of trade, this excerpt will be followed up by a review posted after I return home this afternoon! Until then, folks, wish me luck as I bid you, adieu!

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