An Abrupt Awakening!

When I saw today’s Prompt word, I immediately had so many ideas flooding my mind, that I had to start my first draft for my monthly newsletter right away! I usually try to post at least once a month on my blog, but I’ve been busy with expanding my knowledge, and also with setting up my designs for my products that I intend to offer in my Web Shop. That was when I had an abrupt awakening of my own! With a birthday only 4 days away, and a scary lack of experience in certain aspects of running an online business, I felt tremors of doubt, fear of failure, and apprehension, start to swirl around in my imagination. I had been reading the instructions on setting up G Suite in my domain, and got sidetracked at the mention of Daily Prompts. Realizing that several weeks had gone by without me writing in my blog, seemed to exacerbate my anxiety over this whole foolish idea, of mine, to take on such an undertaking! Here I am, turning 58 in four more days, getting a bare subsistence from the government, (Disability), and hardly skilled enough in computer usage, than to be able to use Facebook and the Google Search app., and I thought I could possibly pull this one off?  I was almost hysterical with laughter after I sat down and finished writing this paragraph!  Well, be that as it may, I still think that, crazy or not, my ideas have merit, and I also believe that the gift I have been given in this lifetime is something that must be shared, in order for it to be fruitious. That was the second abrupt slap, this time on the butt, telling me to get back to work! This “online business” was not going to build itself!! So thanks are due to the team for being there when I needed them; as to my regular blog, my Birthday Blues blog  will be published on, you guessed it, my birthday (58th), Sunday May 6, 2018. See you, there!!

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