Who am I? Why here?

Hello, everyone! That first question is a doozy! I think I have been searching for an answer to that my whole life. Just for the purpose of this assignment, I will introduce myself by the name I was given at birth: Melorie W., and include the name I am currently known by, legally: Kyle M. As to the second question, I suppose the main reason I am here is to try to build my website for the purpose of enabling a secondary income to sustain me through my enforced retirement. My research led me to believe that having a blog was an intelligent option, whether I intended to monetize or not, as it opened up more avenues for revenue! Anyway, I’ve always enjoyed writing and reading, so… what the heck, right? I  am Wiccan, a Numerologist, and GreenCrafter, and use Tarot Cards, Viking Rune Stones, rituals and rites, with Astrology and a lot of common sense, (which isn’t as common as you’d think), to help me and my clients/friends to make sense of this crazy world we all live in. Before I lose your attention, please understand one thing; like most people, I was raised a Christian, and still consider myself to be one, (for lack of a better label), but came to the realization, years ago, that the King James version of the Bible didn’t have all the answers I still had questions for, so I started to explore, by any means available, to ferret out those answers. Unfortunately for me, I will never live long enough to get all those answers, but I have discovered so much more than I could ever hope to, by keeping an open mind, and in the process, learned of alternative processes by which to expand my possibilities, and my knowledge, and armed with this I hope to enlighten others to the vast sea of potential to be explored, while living in this reality.                In two more days, I will be celebrating my 58th birthday on this lovely planet, and have learned so many lessons about life, and love and spirituality, and now I think it is time for me to use my natural talents, along with the tools I’ve aquired throughout my lifetime, to illuminate some of the options available, to those who wish to explore. Come join me on my journey; it’s bound to be a wild and crazy ride!! Who knows, you might even be intrigued enough to click a link or two, in some of my pages that will take you further, into the realm of Infinite Possibilities, and Lifelong Dreams-Come True


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