Who am I? Why here?

Hello, everyone! That first question is a doozy! I think I have been searching for an answer to that my whole life. Just for the purpose of this assignment, I will introduce myself by the name I was given at birth: Melorie W., and include the name I am currently known by, legally: Kyle M. As to the second question, I suppose the main reason I am here is to try to build my website for the purpose of enabling a secondary income to sustain me through my enforced retirement. My research led me to believe that having a blog was an intelligent option, whether I intended to monetize or not, as it opened up more avenues for revenue! Anyway, I’ve always enjoyed writing and reading, so… what the heck, right? I  am Wiccan, a Numerologist, and GreenCrafter, and use Tarot Cards, Viking Rune Stones, rituals and rites, with Astrology and a lot of common sense, (which isn’t as common as you’d think), to help me and my clients/friends to make sense of this crazy world we all live in. Before I lose your attention, please understand one thing; like most people, I was raised a Christian, and still consider myself to be one, (for lack of a better label), but came to the realization, years ago, that the King James version of the Bible didn’t have all the answers I still had questions for, so I started to explore, by any means available, to ferret out those answers. Unfortunately for me, I will never live long enough to get all those answers, but I have discovered so much more than I could ever hope to, by keeping an open mind, and in the process, learned of alternative processes by which to expand my possibilities, and my knowledge, and armed with this I hope to enlighten others to the vast sea of potential to be explored, while living in this reality.                In two more days, I will be celebrating my 58th birthday on this lovely planet, and have learned so many lessons about life, and love and spirituality, and now I think it is time for me to use my natural talents, along with the tools I’ve aquired throughout my lifetime, to illuminate some of the options available, to those who wish to explore. Come join me on my journey; it’s bound to be a wild and crazy ride!! Who knows, you might even be intrigued enough to click a link or two, in some of my pages that will take you further, into the realm of Infinite Possibilities, and Lifelong Dreams-Come True


An Abrupt Awakening!

When I saw today’s Prompt word, I immediately had so many ideas flooding my mind, that I had to start my first draft for my monthly newsletter right away! I usually try to post at least once a month on my blog, but I’ve been busy with expanding my knowledge, and also with setting up my designs for my products that I intend to offer in my Web Shop. That was when I had an abrupt awakening of my own! With a birthday only 4 days away, and a scary lack of experience in certain aspects of running an online business, I felt tremors of doubt, fear of failure, and apprehension, start to swirl around in my imagination. I had been reading the instructions on setting up G Suite in my domain, and got sidetracked at the mention of Daily Prompts. Realizing that several weeks had gone by without me writing in my blog, seemed to exacerbate my anxiety over this whole foolish idea, of mine, to take on such an undertaking! Here I am, turning 58 in four more days, getting a bare subsistence from the government, (Disability), and hardly skilled enough in computer usage, than to be able to use Facebook and the Google Search app., and I thought I could possibly pull this one off?  I was almost hysterical with laughter after I sat down and finished writing this paragraph!  Well, be that as it may, I still think that, crazy or not, my ideas have merit, and I also believe that the gift I have been given in this lifetime is something that must be shared, in order for it to be fruitious. That was the second abrupt slap, this time on the butt, telling me to get back to work! This “online business” was not going to build itself!! So thanks are due to the WordPress.com team for being there when I needed them; as to my regular blog, my Birthday Blues blog  will be published on, you guessed it, my birthday (58th), Sunday May 6, 2018. See you, there!!

For My Friend, Kimmie!

I decided to do a reading on my new Tarot deck tonite for my best friend who I really miss cuz she lives too far away to visit regularly. For this reading, I am using the Celtic Cross layout, which as the name suggests, resembles a cross, and for this post I will list the cards in order, first, then follow with each card’s description, and conclude with my summary.           1. 10 of Coins                                                                                                                                           2. 2 of Staffs                                                                                                                                             3. The Chariot                                                                                                                                           4. 2 of Swords (R)                                                                                                                                     5. 6 of Coins (R)                                                                                                                                       6. 4 of Swords                                                                                                                                           7. Judgement                                                                                                                                           8. Ace of Coins                                                                                                                                         9. The World                                                                                                                                            10. King of Staffs


Hello, again! As promised, I am back with a summary of my day! On the one hand, I am totally spent, because, as you may know, highly intense periods of time that are fraught with emotion are more stressful on our bodies and minds and take a greater toll on our physical bodies, and deplete our energy resources much more quickly. Additionally, the stress compounded over  long stretches of time, is often followed by bouts of depression, leaving us feeling drained. So, without further ado, I am happy to report that my picks this morning were, “right on the money”, and strangely enough, it was actually somewhat fun and entertaining. The instructor was eloquent and charismatic, and kept the ten members of the class involved fully in the discussion, with much banter to relieve any feelings of discomfiture from any of us. All in all, I am glad the ordeal is over, but content with the way it turned out! If you are ever faced with a problem or issue and would be interested in consulting the Oracle;’s advice, by means of this time-honored method, you can rest assured that this is not hocus-pocus, nor psycho-babble; instead look at it as a way of allowing a Greater Power to exert a measure of control by stimulating our sub-conscious minds, thereby guiding our fingers to reveal new or alternate possibilities. Or enjoy it as an unusual form of play … Either way, that’s all for today, enjoy what’s left of your weekend, and I’ll look forward to your next visit. So mote it be.    Mellie Mystic says ‘bye!

New Moon (in Pisces) is Good News

This morning was already an exciting day I had been looking forward to for quite some time. Many years ago I lived in Connecticut, but had decided to move “back home”, which in my case meant Arizona, namely Tucson. The week before  I headed out I had a minor traffic ticket, which I promptly forgot about, in my rush of to-do lists, that required an appearance in traffic court. I didn’t think about it again  until last summer when I acquired a vehicle that needed to be registered, insured, etc., etc., and oh yeah; I needed a license to drive !! Today is my date with AZ Traffic Survival School! Oh, boy! This should be fun (lol)! I’ll have more on that in the next blog, but to get an opinion from The Oracle of Runes, I focused on today’s outcome,then drew my first Rune: the second of the Viking Runes symbols (see chart), Gebo was what came to my hand.                                                                                       This Rune is an indication of  some form of partnership forming or opening up. This is my overview pick; next Rune, for my challenge…oh, my… I drew Dagaz, which is from the Cycle of Initiation Runes, (more on that later), and signifies Transformation, Breakthrough and Day- a great Rune for my challenge. Taking a deep breath, I reach into the bag one last time for my Action Rune…Perth, (another Initiation Cycle Rune). Perth is an hieratic or mystery Rune, pointing to that which lies beyond the feeble powers, (of the average human), of telekinesis to discern.            So in summary, this is how my day is looking to me from this Three Rune Spread: Partnership has the specific mandate or prerequisite of trust implied, just by its very nature; therefore, my Overview is an indication of my confidence in Self and in the Divine to Trust that She/He “has my back”, and supports me on this important undertaking, which brings a great sigh of relief up out of my depths, (lol)! Followed by my  Challenge, Breakthrough, which indicates a successful outcome from my endeavor,(whew!); and the Action Rune, Perth, being on the side of Heaven, and having associations with the fabled Phoenix, which rises from the ashes of its own destruction, to soar in triumph, again!! Well, I have to admit that this sounds wonderful, to say the least, but, just to let you know how much I believe in the power of this Modality and tool of trade, this excerpt will be followed up by a review posted after I return home this afternoon! Until then, folks, wish me luck as I bid you, adieu!